I played Rocket League with a friend, and we opened so-called crates, where we were unsure if what we opened was a win-win situation, or if it was a loss. We checked other websites for an estimated value on what we got, but later found out that their websites were not up to date. At this time I had zero coding knowledge, but I was extremely greedy at creating web pages, so I copied some designs I found online, and just changed the text to fit our needs.

By doing so for 1 month, I had probably reached 100 coding bugs (because I didn't know how to run the website while adding content), which meant that I slowly but surely began to understand how coding worked. I was friends with someone who had a Facebook group of 40,000 members, and he sent my website there - which caused the page to burst. At this time we were called - in other words, we had free hosting.

I panicked by the number of people who came to the site every second, so I rushed-bought a business user where I had the website, where I quickly had to think of a domain name. It became

Since the site became so popular in a short time, I was forced to learn programming in order to keep the project up. In other words; had Rocketprices not gone so well, I would never have dared to learn coding.

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